Firm Appreciation: Helena.. –


Jessica Fox is a sexy Lawyer who just won a major case because of her client Helena Locke. So they toast to success, sitting in Jessicas office the two women are enthusiastic about the win. Jessica knows she can be repaid by her, although helena cant be grateful enough for Jessicas job. She reaches into undo Helenas shirt subsequently pulls on her into a steamy kiss. Helena is turned by jessica around for a spanking new. She pulls her panties aside, showing Helenas pussy and pulls up Helenas skirt. Jessica puts a few fingers in her, getting it wet and hot so she could take her payment. So Helena could get her tongue inside her ass jessica takes off her skirt. Following a getting her ass licked Jessica reveals a penis for Helena. Helena pops up it and down, then places it inside her mouth and sucks it deep and hard. Jessica fucks Helenas face, which makes her drool all. Where Jessica licks Helenas pussy up and down, they move to the ground. She stretches and sucks Helenas pussy lips, getting her hotter and wetter. Jessica slides her cock in and gives her a good pounding. Jessica then ask her to receive a toy . Helena finds a great plug to match Jessicas ass that is sexy. Jessica is prepared to continue collecting her payment. She fucks her hard and places Helena in doggy fashion. She goes in her pussy pounding away. Jessica asks Helena to dig giving Helena a opportunity to also enjoy with orgasms from the spoils for herself. While Jessica fucks her from behind helena grasps her pussy. Jessica takes her payment then dumps her receipt around Helenas face.

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