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Hank is a school student who moved from the dorms. He said he didnt get together with his roommate, and that would be because the lien grabbed him jerking off more than one occasion!He says he will miss the dorms since they were right next to the campus sporting facilities, at which he spent a lot of his time out of class. He stated that he works out six times a week and in order to build muscle he likes to lift heavy. Its working!His encounter with us was a brand new one. Hes never achieved anything similar to this, however, I got the feeling that having someone see him show off his body is something that hes been wanting to test for some time…. Along with his body surely is perfect. He’s got astonishing pecs , washboard abdomen, waist that are enormous, and a buttocks. He was very intense and focused too, which added a certain assurance to his boyish charm…

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