Ep 7 – The Business Slave:.. Kink_revengeofthebaroness.com – xxx24.vip


The Baroness has a new assistant for the assignment of tracking down Mr. Kayne: Princess Zuleika, that in her actual life is a financial consultant. This sweet little thing proves to be a cunning, dominant, sadistic bitch. But her schooling isnt finished yet! She is the apprentice of their arts subduing, enslaving, and instructing men. The next victim is among her customers: Pathetic Mr. Littleton. Mr. Littleton had no way of understanding the extent of the pure hellfire the two dommes were to inflict on his reluctant skin. Seduced by the two mistresses in ancient business outfits, he unexpectedly finds himself captive and completely helpless tied and chained to the walls of their dungeon. Dressed in hot latex outfits the ladies have plenty fun tormenting their slave. Having had enough of his moaning and complaining, they give him envy and tease and then place a ball gag in his mouth. Then they torment his cock with hot candle wax weightsbut Mr. Littleton can take some pain. He is much too proud to lick boots of their Princess, therefore the Baroness decides to continue with mindfucking – exactly what an match! Sudden pain out of nowhere. The mistresses push Mr. Littleton to his limits.

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