The Hunter has additional programs, although I will & extreme; t wait to explore the beautiful Tuscan coast with Jill BiGarre that is sexy. Instead he has me tied to a chair face to face with Itailian woman Jill BiGarre. Both of us have our arms trimmed together behind their backs wrists cinched and crushed together and we all sit straddling our chairs backward. Our ankles tied to the chair legs and are pulled and the bastard pushed ball gags into our mouths hauled between our teeth to keep us quiet. We are tied with our necks to the peak of the chair backs cheek to cheek although we struggle. Jill and I are mad and Hunter pulls out a couple magic wand vibrators. He ties that the Hitachis involving our spread thighs and there’s absolutely not any escape from the intense vibrations. He resides about the vibrators and Jill Bagarre and I start moaning to our gags since the hitachi starts to turn on us. Our glasses start to fog as our breath and moaning deepens two he laughs. Hunter leaves us XXXX to cum repeatedly and brutally bound.

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