Double Filled Cream Teens,.. –


Everybody dungeon must get one. A bound and gagged pet waiting to have every one of her holes stuffed full of cock. Our furry friend does from the name of Violet Monroe with red hair skin and blue eyes that beg for the kind of rough treatment that Sexuallybroken specializes in Now. At which she belongs, she waits for us. On her knees.We start out using a vibrator right on that tender pussy and a hand on her neck. The breath play and pleasure make our moan that is pet and we reward with a hard cock straight up her tender cunt. Violet gurgles through the noise and her black ball gag is no beautiful we remove the gag to hear her cum. Violet is rag doll fucked all over every inch of the mattress, so flipped into each angle and position our dick needs. A complete retraining of her pussy by huge cock and brutal epic messy deepthroat blasts her to sexual subspace. Our pet is starting to grasp the meaning of sexuallybroken. That is her purpose in life. For a bag of holes for our use. We shove our furry friend again After we are done playing. A tied neck rope up assures that she won’t be wiggling up to much. She’ll wait until the next time people feel like giving her another training session…

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