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Dia Zerva shows up for her live fire, just to understand that the other version booked for the show has flaked out, meaning Dia will be receiving an extreme degree of attention all by herself to the subsequent 6 hours.A thick iron collar is wrapped around her neck, and her torso is covered in nearly 100 clothespins, that are ripped off in once as soon as they have had an opportunity to flex her skin for some time, ensuring the most intensity when the zipper is finally pulled off.With no other version around, there’s not any break for Dia. She is immediately strapped into a serious head harness and ball gag with her arms strapped up behind her. She’s designed to rotate as she’s whipped hard all over her body.The climax of this series comes as Dia is bound on top of a box since cyd thoroughly lathers her tight asshole, cunt and clit along with his extreme burning sauce. Dia’s yells, the look on her head, and her body movements and contortions are invaluable since the sauce keeps getting hotter and hotter , apparently with no limit.

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