Dena Caly –


Zuzana Z, Bella Morgan, and Regina are out in the cottage, and the single”proper” place to have a piss is a outhouse out in the lawn, but it turns out to be locked and no ones obtained a secret! Oh well, these babes go to Plan B, which means pissing all over each other! Surethey might have pissed in the yard, but these girls are complete piss freaks and realize they should have thought of taking gold showers from the first location! All 3 babes are appearing candy, together with Zuzana and Regina within their beautiful blouses and Bella rockin some super ripped up jeans, but youll be focusing in their pussies because they unleash a stink storm around each other, drenching those clothes, hair, and faces as they lez out loud, dispersing those pussies and asses and also digging right in! Without a shame whatsoever these three hotties create a pool of piss in the yard and revel in their yellowish lesbo nastiness! You don’t want to overlook these girls playing out their piss passion all over each other!!

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