Date My Ex: Part Two –


Previously on Girlsway, Kalina Ryu and Marie McCray spent a great first date in the comfort of both Kalinas house, leading to a heated lesbian adventure with lots of sparking sexual chemistry. They awakened by a peaceful snooze wrapped in each others arms in which Marie recognized the time had to move but Kalina wants another go at her red rug, satisfying her lesbian fans pussy when again.The fans go inside to get a cup of coffee but it doesnt take long to get Kalinas sexual push to replenish for Maries wet, shaved pussy. Marie spreads her legs until her mouth is covered in fluid open over the top as Kalina takes pleasure in finger fucking her lovers pussy inside and outside. Marie guides her glossy fingers deep in to Kalinas shaved pussy to excite her insides with passion and tension, which makes Kalina crazy with hunger for more.They kiss all how to Kalinas sack where they waste time positioning themselves at a 69, concurrently finger fucking each others pussies. The lesbian fans go scream with sexual satisfaction and crazy having multiple orgasms. Marie doesnt hesitate to ask if Kalina wants more than just a booty call but Kalina believes its way to be settling down with a girlfriend. . .and besides, she’s another woman in her own life…a redhead just like Marie! Can you guess who could be?

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