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A year with more hair, Karlie is just sensual and as adorable as before, since her last visit. Inside her cute little skirt and shirt, she yells us gives us upskirt peeks and the compulsory buttocks shots; because she has among the butts weve ever seen. She goes to masturbating with a toy, with a orgasm giving us the joy of a breast and buttocks augmentation, right. She has pretty feet too, and so provides them a massage as well, together with some toe sucking. Bouncing around on the bed, she provides us some closeups, spreading her private parts, showing off all the fantastic details, pulling and spreading. Then she discovers a egg shaped vibrator, also masturbates with nice views of her orgasm. At a restaurant, we get to know more of her life, and having just a tiny breast flash. This time using a longer toy, then using the egg, and taking it deep vibrator into your hard orgasm, to masturbating again. Afterwards, in the pool, she still also does some skinny-dipping, having a nice bathtub scene!

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