Customs Inspection –


Borek Sokol is Operating in Airport Security.

There’s a knock on the door, as he speaks about the telephone and Patrik Maly moves. Borek finds some things and begins to test Patriks luggage. Borek decides that Patrik must be incarcerated and takes him off into the cells, in which Ivan Mraz is laying on one of their mattress. Borek leaves Ivan and Patrik alone. As Ivan begins to play with his own cock wrists are cuffed behind his back. Patrik informs the wanking to block and also to assist him. Ivan takes no notice and stands up, moving over to Patrik and tells him to suck on his rigid cock. He pushes his cock and catches Patriks head. As he does this, ivan fucks the mouth, then slapping Patriks face. Once fucking the mouth Ivan brings Patriks jeans, locating a nice hard penis. He goes down on the cock sucking on it real good. Patrik turns spreads and over his ass to analyze his tight hole. He spanks the buttocks as he checks out it. Then he shoves a finger as Patrik moans. Next Ivan climbs on top and slides his throbbing cock deep. He even fucks it nice and deep. As Ivans cock works his tight ass patrik yells. He’s turned over onto his back and Ivans dick goes straight into his bum. Ivan fucks the ass hard and quickly since Patrik manages to grab his own dick and wank it. Ivan keeps up the fucking until his unloads his cum deep within Patriks ass. He pulls out and checks that gap. Then he leaves him to recover and lays Patrik on his own side.

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