Cunt Hunt 3 –


It’s the time of year AG/a again! Karma Rx escapes Charles Dera’s bondage for not giving permission to cumming. But soon, a cunt trap will be set up to lure Karma into her lair. Karma attempts to persuade Juliet, her servant to escape with her. Juliet however is afraid and won’t budge. After a difficult escape from her bonds, Karma runs off into the hills. It will not work! This will not work! Karma finds herself trapped, and she looks into the eyes her master to get things right. In the hope that he will forgive her, she kisses him and suckers his cock. Charles drags Karma to his dungeon, and tie her up so that she cannot escape. Charles places Karma on her back and wraps rope around her large tits. He tells her how disappointed and how she’s there for him, and then reminds her that he doesn’t want to go cunt hunting to find her. Charles teaches Karma a lesson about the crop, then takes her throat, her tits, and her wet pussy. Karma wants to cum, but Charles won’t allow it. This isn’t about her, this is about him. He then ties her on her back with rope around her ankles, waist, and wrists. Karma then places her on her back, her legs extended wide and her ankles tied. Her pussy gets even more excited when Karma first sucks Charles’ toes, and then licks his feet. Charles drives her pussy hard, relentlessly and deep. She doesn’t allow her to cum till she loses control. With her tits bounce back and forth from all the beating she gets, she cums while Charles fires off his hot loads. Part one and part two are a hot, kinky immersion into the Cunt Hunt world.

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