Claudia Valentine Fucked By.. –


This is the deal, my boyfriend that I have been dating for some time now has a real cock. But if you understand me, you know thatsn’t enough! I want to learn since we started dating I have had my eye in my son, Alex, hes looking and that I bet he’s a big cock also! I finally got the two of us alone in my flat right. My way in was to ask I would be wearing my bra when I asked him! I ask him if he were a man or not would spring it upon him! Up to now, so good I put his hand on my breast where it goes from there, to observe. Within seconds my bra was off and he was feeling my boobs up! I needed to find out what he had inside his trousers, and that he had a big cock just like his dad! Im telling you about being cocks run from the household!

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