Cherry The Firecracker –


There is bodyguard he A wonderful, but a great, or even good helper he aint. Luckily Nikos is also good for one other thing: satisfying Romys lust for penis. Assist she decides to have a quick fuck break when Romy realizes shes not gon na get any work performed with Nikos. Romy catches his boner in her mouth when their secretary interrupts the two of them Dionne Darling, who tries to play it off as she didnt find anything, however, Romy knows better. Dionne what she watched is directly asked by her, and Dionne answers A manhood. As punishment because of her timing, Romy summons Dionne to suck on Little Nikos for a while. When she hesitates, Romy takes her face and leaves her suck his cock hard. Then Romy takes her panties off and makes Dionne to give her some lesbian mind, squeezing her mind between her thighs and into her warm wet cunt. Nikos dick straddles and slides it out for some time, then gets off and leaves Dionne suck on her pussy juices After shes prepared. Subsequently makes Dionne get fucked also. The troi retains rocking, Nikos, while fucking Dionne, admits her pussy is no good and pushes her onto the ground, where point Romy drags her by the hair under her desk. Dionne must stay under the desk and eat her managers cunt as both return to work.

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