Chatting in the bedroom –


I instruct my pretty receptionist Chrissy Marie to come over to talk about her forthcoming review for business. I intend to let Chrissy understand that her current shortcomings on the job will probably appear very bad. Chrissy is instantly apologetic and begging for to maintain her job but I let her know that I have already written a bad review and that I want to do today is to send it off to some company. Chrissy will shortly be out of a job and it is too late for apologies. Chrissy informs me she will do anything to be able keep her job. I show her a photo of another woman that has a special arrangement . Naive Chrissy is shocked by the photograph she sees with a girls tightly bound up having loads of rope and starts getting very stressed and nervous so that she hesitates but eventually comes around. After Chrissy reluctantly agrees that I purchase her to stand up and remove her clothes. Chrissy unbuttons her satin blouse and peels her tight clothing off with her pantyhose making her incredibly embarrased and uneasy. She stands submissively while I tightly bind her elbows and wrists together. I push a wonderful big ball gag into Chrissy´s mouth because additional disciplinary action. Chrissy begins moaning uncontrollably and I laugh as I grope her enormous tits and tease her as she is bound and gagged in this grotesque position. Just when Chrissy believes it could ´t get any worse and her ordeal will be over, I pull back her arms over head pushing her to some strict strappado! I t0rture Chrissy by yanking up her arms and down as she mmppphhs throughout her gag. Before I tie the strappado, I put in a super tight crotch rope over her silky nylons and attach it to the strappado. I end off by tying her crossed knees, leaving the poor secretary balancing into her shiny stiletto heels as she struggles for relief from the strict bondage. Chrissy sobs but poor gagged Chrissy cannot say a sentence. Helpless Chrissy struggles hopelessly knowing she won´t be in a position to escape her humiliating and embarrassing predicament, particularly when she wants to maintain her job.

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