Candy and Jenny Manson.. –


I wake up brutally jump into a rod at a dank basement. My entire body is bound to a pole – elbows tied to a stud and fused behind my back with rope. I try to move my toes but my legs are tied and tied to your ring. The large red ball gag muffles my screams. I start to battle in my panic to find free but each motion of my body XXXX the crotch rope. I look up and realize that the close of the crotch rope is pulled upward to also the end swings a couple of feet along with an ring in front of my eyes. I pull in the ropes however, there’s no escape. When I hear the door to the basement open along with the click of heels descending the steps, my fear escalates. My head turns to look and am horrified to see Kelliann – my boyfriend´therefore ex!!! I shout in my gag and beg for discharge, but Kelliann has plans for me. She blows smoke in my face and tells me how upset she is that I stole her man. She moans when I shout out and I see terror as Kelliann picks up a mill of paint and then ties it to the conclusion of the crotch rope. She drops the crotch rope and the can bites my pussy. Kelliann proceeds to torment my underwear opening and pulling on my tits out of the bra. She catches a Hitachi magic wand vibrator also starts to stimulate my pussy pushing it up. As I groan in pleasure and pain my body betrays me. Kelliann flaunts a pair of nipple clamps and berates me. I scream and beg put her vengeance is with no mercy and she succeeds to clamps to my nipples. Kelliann is finished with me , although I sob in pain as my nipples have been crushes. She pulls the paint can that is swinging closer and ties that the nipple clamps. Kelliann continues to perform finished my pussy with the vibrator and the vibrator wins – I’ve an XXXX orgasm that is exploding. Kelliann contines to me. She tells me she is leaving but not before she gives the heavy paint can one large push. She moves the paint will stretching my nipples out. The pain is excruciating and I cry out sobbing and crying into my gag understanding I am completely bound and clamped and that Kelliann will reunite and there is no escape.

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