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Back at the house is Mr. Tony Michaels.

Theres never a boring moment if this hottie is around. Tony has been operating, having fun, meeting people and doing things that are new. Hes was spending his time recently he fulfilled against New York. Were more than sure hes gotten excursion and the star treatment out of Tony included. We brought back a latin enthusiast we havent seen in a little while, Mr. Christian Castillo. Christian got back from seeing with his wife and daughter in Cuba. He was there for 2 months when he acknowledges that the homecoming was an exhausting one, and he cried. He didnt let his wife from bed for a long, long moment. He had. Its been a month now and this Cubano is sexy so hes ended up at our door. We arent complaining. A dick aficionado, tony, wont when he has to sample each of 8 of Cuban palo be whining at a few. His penis loves plenty of focus. Because he eyes his co-star tony is looking smitten. We allow Tony ask Christian anything he would like to. This is the way it wentTony blushes and says, Whats your favorite position? Christian grins and answers. . .any you enjoy! Tony volleys back, Well, I have a few. That will be gont function as Tonys greatest Valentine fuck ever. Sitting on the locker room bench these two begin to kiss. Softly at first and as they start to undress the kissing intensifies. It isnt long before Tony is massaging Christians hot abs down to his hot tighty-whities that are beginning to sport major wood. He teases and bends it isnt trying to waste. Tony and they both strip goes to get the job done. As he looks down at his penis that’s now evaporating into Tonys gifted mouth christian is in awe. Tony strokes and slurps Christians pingn because he focuses his attention on the uncut fuck rod before him. So he can give him better access Tony straddles and stands. Tony takes it in stride deep throats every inch of the dick. Tired of straddling Tony, the act is moved by Christian as he sits to the hardwood floor and leans back onto the lockers. Tony goes back into worshipping his baby manufacturer and takes his position involving our str8 boys legs. As he receives his meat serviced christians head falls back n ecstasy. Were sure his wife in Cuba or any of the stand-ins in Miami have ever worked his dick that good and hes thankful he came in now. Duh! A few kisses finishes the oral pair and at no time the real activity begins.Tony straddles the seat back and wakes up against the walls because Christian jacks his penis getting it even tougher as he puts Tonys candy ass a piece before squeezing his thick dick in one thrust. This boy signifies business and in virtually no time hes literally bouncing Tonys Cuban-Italian bum on his thick dick. DAMN. Hes not here to make love hes here. That you want to take it deep and hard if you’d like that str8 boys dick. Christian sits at the seat as Tony bends above a little t find a simpler place to accommodate all of Christians 8 dick. Into a beat as Tony bucks skipping back to get every inch, christian fucks . As Christian retains on fucking him right from there they move to a position doggie position. The hottest place has to be when Christian, whos position and fucking Tony, pulls back him into the corner buried in him as he squats down and proceeds fucking Tony in that position. The shot of Christian fuckin Tony because he holds onto him is insane. WOOF! Some deep dick cans throw and that he aint messin. Tony is squatting, carrying a thumping himself on the ground and pile drives up into Tonys candy ass. Tony cant support but jack off since he gets plowed. He starts to ride Christian once he holds still. Tony grimaces as his bum gets stretched deeper above and . Once Christian realizes Tonys he goes back to beating him harder until he fucks a huge load out of himliterally. Christian then lies back and beats his very own enormous load out all over his sexy cock and abs. This is the type of sex everyone should treat themselves to on Valentines Day! lol

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