Brenn Pounces Ponce –


We can never receive enough Wyson. Brenn Wyson is back together on MenOver30, giving yet another excited buddy the trademark Wyson pounding. Brenn is one of a kind. He brings it like only Brenn can. With an accent which yells New England, hes decided hes from Mississippi this afternoon. A far cry from Jamaica but at least he keeps us on our toes. Thats also something which can be said about the boys that wind up on the opposite end of the dick of his. This afternoon, it is going to be 29 year old Steven Ponce. Steven can certainly hold his own with the big boys. This spicy slice of ginger is just looking better than ever before. We requested these 2 studs if they are Kings of any nation which country would you would like to get crowned King of? Brenn yells as he replies Miami Beach. If youve ever been to South Florida and have experienced the unique salad bowl of cultures here, were certain youd agree at times that this does feel like a separate country. Steven rolls his eyes before answering Finland because his choice. You never hear about them on the news; therefore if theres a war anyplace you understand youd be secure from Finland. Well, Stevens going to have his borders invaded so he better start fretting about his ass-ets a great deal nearer to home.They begin kissing as Brenn starts rubbing his cock as it stiffens into his jeans. Stevens hands begin to roam because he pulls Brenns tee until getting stripped down himself. Both of these arent. Once their clothes come off, they move to work on every other. Brenn is in the mood for a Puerto Rican cuisine as he savors every inch of Stevens rock hard cock. Brenn spit-shines and gets Steven rock tough before standing up to ensure Steven can return the favor. Brenn keeps his mind as he begins to fuck his throat. He knows exactly what he likes on his cock, and hes gonna get it. Steven maintains working on Brenns huge meat as best he can as Brenn begins trying to obtain a better idea of whats in store. He paws at Stevens smooth bum because he fingers and tries to investigate as he can with Steven still latched to his throbbing cock. Steven knows what to do to predominate in Brenns attention as he starts to throat fuck himself using Brenns cock. Brenn lies in awe as he sees the hot Hispanic tongue festival hes receiving. Dont try this at home folksStevens a dental professional! Brenn then decides he needs a bit more of Steven because Steven thankfully returns the favor fucking Brenns throat and giving him a few of the same.Brenn kneels until Steven since Steven orders him to suck on his balls and cock. Soon, Brenns tongue is exploring over his rod. Brenn then gets back to the sofa as Steven goes to work on his stiff dick. After its stone hard, Brenn matches up and has Steven straddle him. Stevens ass offers way as Brenns cock starts fucking away. Steven gyrates his hips along with his hot ass drives Brenn wild. Steven grips Brenns pecs because he bounces on that cock fucking himself because he bends Brenns cock like a veteran jockey in the final stretch. Brenn then stands up him and fucks him a little more. He grabs on to Steven as he starts to batter that thick dick back into that ass. Stevens hungry hole is now taking a pounding, also hes nowhere near done. Brenn holds his ass open as his balls smack away faster and harder inside that tight buttocks. Steven subsequently goes into the floor as his legs go up and around Brenns muscular waist. Missionary is closing this up fuck festival as Brenn fucks the hell from Steven. Both of them are moaning because they have caught up in the moment. Take that dick Brenn orders because he fucks Steven quicker and heavier. Sure enough Steven explodes all over himself hitting his buttocks, face and torso. Brenn pulls out and blasts an massive load all over Stevens cum-soaked bod. Damn, boys!

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