Break Up Blues –


Trey and his boyfriend have been having another argument. He thinks that he cheats on Trey and doesn’t go to the gym. Trey will not let him forget that no matter how many times he tries to assure him, he still believes in him. Trey gets up, leaves the house and goes to the gym. He then receives a final text message from his boyfriend. TreyA’s boyfriend, Fernando, has sent him a text. It is not a face-to-face text. TreyA is distraught and lost in these thoughts when Fernando walks into the gym. Fernando sees Trey’s misery and attempts to figure out why. Trey tells Fernando what happened, and Fernando seizes the opportunity. Fernando tenderly rubs Trey’s face as they make eye contact. FernandoA’s puppy eyes are immediately visible in his and they begin to kiss passionately. Both of them get into some nasty kissing fits. Trey loves Fernando and bends over to get into his eager sex. Trey is passionate and goes slow, but he’s deep. Trey straps him to his back, and the load explodes over his chest. This sends Fernando into a frenetic explosion with cum flying in every direction. He was shocked at how heavy a load he had just released. Trey then notices that Fernando has gotten married.

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