Boy From The Box Part 4 –


Lady Bellatrix makes sure her slave is properly collared, leashed and sat down in front of her. He/she reminds him/her that the Rubber event they are attending is that night and sheaEUR ™.s about protocol. To make her look more serviceable, the slave is instructed to display her limp wrists to Mistress with palms down. AEURoeI set high standards for my slaves, and expect them to uphold these standards at all times. She says with a firm tone. The slave explains that she enjoys dancing and sometimes liquids or other items get on her floor. This can cause her shoes to get ruined, which is completely unacceptable. The slave is told that her shoes must be kept clean by him at all costs. This is why he was allowed to keep his tongue clean. Bellatrix tells the slave to lie down under the chair. Soon, Bellatrix’s tongue is covered in the sole of one shoe. Other issues she addresses with him include her preferred drink, how to keep it topped-up, her collar length, etc. The heel of her stiletto is inserted into the mouth of the slaveaEUR(tm). It is a great time to discuss the fact that she is the slave and how tonight should be for her to whore out. Bellatrix hopes to earn some extra money by having her slut there. The slave shouldn’t be fucked, or sucking on cock. He should, however, be by his MistressaEUR ™, side but not too close to become an annoying nuisance. Bellatrix prefers to have clean, latex-free shoes and slaves. Slave is instructed to get down on her knees and lick the soles of the shoes. TheyaEUR(tm), shine brightly as the slave licks their heels eagerly It’s time to party!

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