Bonus Update Midnight Snack –


Harley and Terry were lying on the bed. The cameras hadn’t yet started rolling.Harley had just finished telling a story about his wives pussy. The room filled with gay guys preparing for your shoot hadnt really been listening . Terry was stabbed on Harleys leg. You can tell there was only 1 item on Terrys mind.I always like to pump the guys up before the cameras turn off on. You know, get them going. “OK Terry, you enjoy getting fucked hard, right?” I inquired. “Yeah” he said, and continued rubbing Harleys thigh. “You understand how large his penis his, right?” I inquired, pointing to Harley. “Ive seen the images,” Terry grinned. “Harley, youre good to fuck his ass hard?” I mentioned. “I need to see your entire schlong vanish up there! “Harley winked. Hes come into his own. He just wanted a little training…

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