Bedside Manner Part 1 –


Jace has been experiencing difficulties with sleeping as of late and cant have any rest. His sleepless nights are catching up with him and he needs to locate a solution. In regards Dr. Romero whom following an extensive look at his X-Rays has identified the problem except to make sure he is correct he wants to put Jace under so he can see how exactly he sleeps. Dr. Romero puts the oxygen mask Jace and has him put back while he goes for a couple of minutes to allow the gas kick in. Jace is passed when Dr. Romero return back into the area and that he makes sure Jace is annoyed by yanking his hand across his face that provides no answer. Dr. Romero finds that Jace has a massive boner under the sheets that is protruding up. He looks across and pulls down the sheets and catches his cock. Just before Dr. Romero is about to wrap his lips around that throbbing cock Jace wakes up horrified to see his physician about to suck on his dick. Dr. Romero tells him everything would be ok and to simply lay back and unwind while he eases Jace anxiety. The doc is in or I should say at as he face fucks the doctors lovely mouth before his jaw wears out, Jace is. Dr. Romero would like to feel all of the rigidness from that sexy cock so that he mounts up on the bed and sits Jaces aching cock balls deep. Jace pumps to his doctor deep and hard thrusting as much as he is able to discharge the strain being built up. Fully awake today Jace bends Dr. Romero on the doctors table fucking him with all his power as his balls slap against the gentle hairy ass. Jace can currently feel his balls filling up with all the juicy creamy cum that he flips Dr. Romero over onto his back and finishes thumping his tight hole till they both let loose all of the sticky cum that’s been built up. Jace feels after seeing his physician, better but he must come back for a follow up visit.

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