Barbara clip 6 –


Equipped with his back against the headboard of the bed, Owen has Jason crawl to him stare worshipfully at his lovely, rockhard cock. Jason has made it, and will now have it. Since Jason stinks adoringly, Owen with a hand on Jasons head clarifies their new connection and how he’ll henceforth own Jason. He has Jason suck him several unique ways before he puts Jason on all fours with Austin position facing him in the foot of the bed so Jason can suck Austins cock in exactly the same time which Owen fucks him. The sex is rough, Owen slapping Jasons buttocks, Austin spitting in his head. Owen offers Austin a shot at Jasons ass. Austin puts Jason on his back with his legs in the air, then lbs Jason hard, pulling out and ramming back . Owen kneels beside Jasons mind, jerking away. Owen pushes Austin apart and also Jason still on his rear re-enters himnow fucking him slowly and erotically. Austin feeds Jason his dick, spits into his mouthplugs it with his dick. Cum time. Straddling Jasons chest, Owen jerks off it over while Austin kneels in Jasons head. Owen and Austin take substantial loads, which they rub into Jasons face and chest.Jason and Austin asleep on the bed, their toes on Jason that lies, hooded and hands tied behind himacross the base of the mattress.Owen comes residence in his work clothes, as at the beginning of the video. He removes his hardhat and workmans belt, and drops his keys on the counter, and then comes forward to stand over Jason that has been waiting for him on his knees, naked, hands behind his back, a slave collar locked around his throat. Jason licks Owens correct boot, then on command stinks Owens cock till, on command, he bends to lick at Owens boot. Owen smiles, pleased, and tells him to make him a drink.

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