Ball Annihilation –


Miss Xi has her slave again in her preferred position. She is bound by her wrists to the railing so that she can kick the krap from his feet. She kicks him, then knees him for a while. When he replies that he feels more pain than the kicks, she thanks him and continues to kick him as hard and repeatedly as possible. He is a bitch, she says. She doesn’t mind continuing to kick him while he surrenders in pain. She will not surrender until she’s had enough. Xi can use both her right and left foot. He then falls to his knees and she asks him to kiss her shoe. After that, she tells him to spread his legs again. The kicking goes on. After kicking him, she takes off her shoes and makes him kiss the soles of her feet. He then tries some heel kicks, and she asks how they compare to other kicks. He is instructed to stand and she generously allows him to choose whether he would prefer her to use his left or right foot. She presses her heel against his heels after hundreds of knees, kicks, and knees. The slave cannot hide his excitement, as his cock rocks hard. He knows that his ball is meant to be destroyed by a gorgeous woman, just like you.

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