Arny Donan and Marek Borek are getting ready for some hot action, with Alan Carly, at Airport Security. Alan is nude on the couch, in handcuffs, as Marek and Arny begin to drip wax. Even though Alans moans Marek decides that Alan likes the sensation of this wax landing himso more is applied. Alan is flipped over so that he can find some on his back and ass. He writhes and moans each time more drips onto him. Marek and Arny walk to eliminate it When they’ve done enough with all the wax. When they come back they are nude, hard and ready to fuck. Marek is first to get a number of Alans hot ass. His dick functions in and outside of Alans hole. Arny would be confront fucking Alan. It is Arnys turn. His ass hard and deep, with Alan laying on his spine Arny pounds. Alans mouth is filled by mareks large dick . He catches his cock, and with this action Alan is rock hard and wanks it. As it’s wanked arny continues to fuck his ass as Alans penis throbs. He really takes Arnys cock and sucks Mareks too. Then Arny wanks himself into a cumshot, squirting on his juice, and pulls . Since he wanks himself to a climax too marek stands involving Alans legs. Arny catches Alan and throws him out to finish a scene. [Note: The spoken language in this movie is shameful ]

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