Afternoon Delight: Twin Set.. –


There are no new girls to train or parties to entertain. This is pure submissive, trained female sex. Our two most beautiful slaves, Bella Rossi and DaniA, are here to entertain Tommy, his discerning male guest. Tommy decided that he wants to improve DaniA’s posture and BellaA’s orgasm control. The best training method with two slaves would be predicament. That means a hard cock, relentless vibrations on BellaA’s trapped pussy and DaniA’s crop. Tommy plays the women off by playing them against one another. He takes DaniA in turns, and then he fucks BellaA while she balances silver tray loaded with books on her stomach. The slaves, both nubile and in flight, are subject to a brutal flogging. They are then made to plead for their fucking. The slaves are held tightly by their vibrators, while they beg for their fucking. Although both girls want a piece of cream pie, it’s Dani that ultimately gets the most from her master. But, she doesn’t mind sharing it with her sister, who uses it to get another orgasm.

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