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Sosha won’t soon forget this night. Carly and Alisha tickle her relentlessly while she is tied to the bed wearing only her pants. Sosha can be very ticklish. Sosha eventually loses control over her bladder due to all the tickling and has to pee on the entire bed.

This is not the end of this video. After Sosha is now soaked, Carly and Alisha both realize they must also pee. Each one pees through its panty while watching Sosha and drenching him in urine.

Alisha, Carly and others have not yet empty their bladders. Alisha cuts off Sosha’s underwear with a knife while Sosha is still tied. Sosha is now completely naked and tied to the bed.

Alisha, Carly and Carly believe that Sosha should be rewarded for all they did. Alisha and Carly tie her up, but they try their best to make her feel sexy. Alisha has a sexy affair with Sosha, and she plays with her boobs. Carly is with SoshaaEUR ™, while SoshaaEUR(tm).s pussy.

Alisha, Carly and Sosha leave Sosha tied up in bed after she has had an orgasm. Alisha, Carly and Sosha go to watch TV while Sosha remains exhausted and tied up on the bed.

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