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Gi and Lauri were lounging around in the bras and panties having a much needed relaxing and cocktail when Lauri brought up the subject of”this” publication. She was telling GiGi she read it and wanted to do some of the things in the publication. GiGi had read it also and was eager to try out a few of those things… especially the bondage. GiGi had always fantasized about bondage and has been having no luck in that department together with her boyfriend One thing lead to another and the match was on. The lead was taken by lauri tied up GiGi. When Lauri whips outside the Hitachi to tease and torment Gi and provide her a orgasms giGi was moaning and squirming and getting into the scene. Of course some amazing cuddly and snuggling woman time. Girls will be girls you know:-RRB-))

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